Got Our Hair Did!

CANSA Shavathon/Sprayathon 2022!

Fresh Cuts for Devesh, Ms Archery , and Cayden!

Okay okay, so we know what you’re thinking…

How can we have a post about the CANSA Shavathon before a post about any other BESA event this year? I mean…what about the ‘Inter-house Athletics’ blog post that has been sitting in the outbox for the past three months? What about the fact that there’s also been inter-school soccer, netball, and volleyball matches that have not been reported on? Or the Open Day that just breezed-on by? Or Valentine’s Day that hasn’t even been mentioned? Anybody? No?

So, um, why the Shavathon first then? Well, to be completely honest here, because it’s the event that has most recently happened and which is currently at the forefront of our minds because it took place only about a week ago, and because everything that happened before that is mostly a blur…because mostly our memories are not what they used to be, and because mostly we can’t remember what we did yesterday, nor this morning, and because mostly we can’t remember anything these days…

Where were we?

Oh yes. The mostly annual BESA Shavathon/Sprayathon. It’s mostly annual because pandemic. Yes, that’s written correctly…because pandemic.

Where were we?

Oh yes, it’s 2022 and we’re back in the saddle baby! By saddle, what we really mean is ‘the chair’. And by chair, what we really mean is, ‘THEE CHAIR’! THE CHAIR that you sit in when it’s YOUR TURN! When it’s YOUR TURN to go under the RAZOR! When it’s YOUR TURN to go under the AEROSOL! When it’s YOUR TURN to make a DIFFERENCE in the fight against cancer! YES, THAT IS THEE CHAIR!


Where were we?

Oh yes…the 2022 version of the mostly annual BESA Shavathon/Sprayathon.

At first, those who were keen to get their heads shaved were hesitant. They were sceptical to say the least. In fact, they seemed very unconvinced. But, um, if we were faced with matrics with razors in hand looking for ‘customers’, we’re not gonna lie, it would also take some rather strong powers of persuasion for us to get involved. But, like what other option did we have here? Not much really. And we were okay with that because those who took to THEE CHAIR without hesitation were nothing short of inspirational! They inspired not only us, but also many others to ‘GO UNDER’; or to ‘GET SPRAYED’, or to ‘MAKE A DONATION’…, and in some cases, they inspired ALL THREE! 

From heads shaved on number zero, 

to those shaved on number four, 

to those shaved on everything in-between,

to another shave, then one more.

We made a poem that rhymed…look at us!

Heads were sprayed black,

Heads were sprayed pink,

Heads were multi-coloured,

And awesome we think!

We made another poem that rhymed! Whoah…

Ummmm, where were we…?

Oh yes, so, the spraying side of the mostly annual BESA Shavathon/Sprayathon  then…we went from ‘Harley Quinn’ style (you know, one pigtail sprayed blue and one pigtail sprayed pink), to ‘Harley Quinn’ style, to ‘Harley Quinn’ style, and then also, we had some ‘Harley Quinn’ styles. Safe to say, there was a lot of Harley. And none of the Davidson kind either. We’re not really a fan of that type though because (if we’re honest here) it really is just a lot of unnecessary noise coupled with trying extremely hard to look good while standing around and not really doing much. Kinda like high school children, Hmmmm…no offense though.

Harley Quinn and Harley Quinn…(Cyrah & Annabella)

Where were we…?

Oh yes, something about sprayed heads.

Now, there were those who were feeling particularly adventurous on the day (some may even call it brave) – not only did they choose to approach THEE CHAIR once for a shave, they opted to approach THEE OTHER CHAIR for a spray too.

Better than ‘brave’?

It’s not easy to say,

Somewhat courageous?

Yip! We agree! Yay!

And we’ll chalk that up to three poems in one blog post. We need to slow down here…

But then. Then there were those who were EVEN BRAVER and even MORE COURAGEOUS than those who went before! Don’t believe us? Well, let us tell you a thing then…

At some stage during the ‘organised chaos’ of the 2022 version of the mostly annual BESA Shavathon/Sprayathon, someone (no real names are used here for identity protection purposes) decided that it would be a good idea to have a ‘fade’ cut into their hair. Let’s call the person whose idea it was, *Ben. Let’s call the person who was attempting the fade, Mr *Khan. Let’s call the outcome, *Disastrous. Why *Disastrous you ask? Well, let us tell you another thing…

At first everything seemed to be going according to plan…the bottom half of *Ben’s hair was shaved on a number zero and the top was still intact. Good start. However, things went a little pear-shaped after that shall we say. Maybe it was the pressure Mr *Khan was under (there must have been at least 25 learners watching at this stage)…Maybe it was the aforementioned ‘organised chaos’ that threw him off…Maybe it was the fact that this wasn’t a barber shop, nor was he a barber…or, maybe it was a case of ‘too many cooks’ (spoil the broth)…Because, um, *Ben’s ‘broth’ was seemingly getting more and more spoiled. What started out as ‘good’, had become ‘less than good’, which then became rather ‘un-good’, and finally really ‘un-good’. *Ben had gone from ‘number zero at the bottom, top still intact’…to ‘number zero at the bottom, um, top no longer intact’. Yes…he was now a ‘number zero all over, dignity still kinda intact (to his great credit).

But, this is not where the story of ‘Mr *Khan’s Barber Shop’ ends though. Nope. Let us tell you another thing…

One other learner (let’s call him *Byron) who was witness to the whole ‘what happened to *Ben’ debacle decided that You know what? Mr *Khan has been given a bad rap on this one…Imma give him another chance to hit the heights *Ben was so desperately hopeful he would.

Mistakes were made…because guess what…?

At no stage would any such ‘heights’ ever be hit. At no stage would ‘fades’ ever be made. At no stage would a barber shop ever be opened. Because…you guessed it, at no stage would the outcome of *Byron’s haircut (as feared by many and possibly himself about half-way through), be any different from the outcome of *Ben’s.

Seriously one could not make this stuff up.

And finally…

At the risk of sounding gender-biased here…(actually, we’re not fooling anyone, this is going to sound very-gender biased)…boys or men are the ones who get their heads shaved at Shavathons/Sprayathons because ‘shaved-heads’ are not something we generally associate with girls or women right? Right?

Well, no such associations are to be made here today kids…

Because…enter, (drum roll please)…‘THE THREE’! No, not the number three on the razor. Nope. Enter, ‘THE THREE’ chosen ones! Ms Archery, Mrs André, and Kendra! Yip, these THREE changed the narrative (of our gender-biased comment we made earlier) right there and then…by being all like, we see you cancer, and we raise you our ponytails and our shaved heads!

It is at this stage that we were (and are still) rendered speechless…







Now, please don’t get us wrong here, the efforts from the gentlemen who shaved their heads are just as special, but when a gentlewoman donates a ponytail (for a wig to be made from it) AND gets ‘a number zero’ shave all around (in support), we cannot help but say only one thing, “HATS OFF TO YOU”!

Well, that was before it came time to face the extremely cold Monday morning Walkerville weather (which is at least seventeen degrees colder than anywhere else on earth) – then we said…


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